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Media law: Important to know for communications internships/jobs & for #JOU3109 Quiz 4

by Rich Shumate Multimedia Writing students need to be familiar with major facets of media law to guide and protect them as they work in the media. Chapter 14 in Writing and Reporting News goes into detail regarding many of … Continue reading

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Media law: Focus of March 31 #JOU3109 lecture & Quiz 4 on April 7

Journalistic writing style, commas and AP style are all important for you to know and demonstrate as someone going into the communications field. Also very important are the legal and ethics issues involved in communications work. We’re having two lectures … Continue reading

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Review of Chaps. 14-16 in Tuesday’s #JOU3109 lecture, with Quiz 4 covering Media Law (Chap. 14)

Tuesday’s lecture will be a review of three chapters in Writing and Reporting News: Media Law (Chap. 14) – We’ll start class with Quiz 4 on this chapter. The quiz will be 10 multiple-choice items. Please bring a pencil with … Continue reading

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