Student Examples

Students often ask to see examples of successful work by previous students. Here are some examples.

Spring Semester 2016

Congratulations to the writers of the best news releases from their labs for the CJC Summer Institute 2016:

Scottie Andrew
Ethan Bauer – top winner
Cameron Cobb – top winner
Romy Ellenbogen
Amy Guzman
Kelsey Pena
Hannah Phillips
Taylor Thelander

Congratulations to the students who had their EHST stories published.

Kéran Billaud’s labs:
Cecilia Lemus – Students to help launch Ecuador spay-and-neuter program, The Alligator
Cameron Cobb  – Vacation Bookings Strong, Zika Virus News Buzzes Around, Island Times, page 11
Alexa Lorenzo – Evergreen Cemetery Celebrates Anniversary in Gainesville,
Jayna Taylor-Smith Stop Working and be Productive: UF Mindfulness, College Magazine

Karsten Burgstahler’s lab:
Scottie Andrew
Olivia Ooten –

Earlesha Butler’s labs:
Kendal L. Barker – 
The first annual Earth Fest comes to UF
Ethan Bauer – Fuchs speaks at 10th annual startup event, The Alligator
Rachel M. Johnson – Green Greeks compete for sustainability award
Lexie Miller   UF study finds that shelters mislabel dogs as pit bulls
Katie Sipes – Gator Gears takes UF campus by storm
Gabriela Valentin – Exploding Bacon combines FIRST robotics and 4-H to create unique club

Amanda Kastrinos’ labs:
Gabriel Diaz
Ainesy Foira & Matt Gorwitz (as part of the same research roundup article) –
Nearly Kehres
Amanda Nardi
Alex Ng
Christy Pina

Rich Shumate’s lab:
Ralph Duvers
– Professor hopes to teach purred recipes online and in Spanish, The Alligator
Nicole Franco – CF helps prevent “booby”traps , College of Central Florida Patriot Press (No URL)
Rick Garcia – Artificial intelligence club to begin, The Alligator
Bailey Garner – Future of technology may pose problems for health, Layman’s Terms Media
Woody Joseph – UF study hopes to create an app to help with adolescent asthma; Layman Terms Media
Alyssa Weiss –  Composting increases at the Swap, The Alligator

Steve Waters’ labs:
Karla Arboleda – Customer, employees react to updated Starbucks rewards program
Natalie Calvo
– UF alumnus creates social network site
Catherine Haley – Begin celebrating Brain Awareness Week Monday
Madison Imschweiler – Pre-Dental Students Craft Earrings For Cancer Patients
Alexandra Northcott – LHS students reuse plastic bottles to make recycling bins
Isamary Perez – GNV’s The Repurpose Project turns trash into treasure
Demi Wolfe – Voting open for sustainability contest at Library West

Congratulations to the Best Bloggers

Kéran Billaud’s labs:
Andrea Cornejo
Kelsey Peña

Karsten  Burgstahler’s lab:
Lauren Ayers
– Tested out different recipes featured on social media as “fast and easy” to prepare:
Danielle Frew –  
Different decades of music and their influence on culture:
Ashley Norus –
Out-of-state students adjusting to life in Gainesville:

Earlesha Butler’s labs:
Harrison O’Keeffe –
Isabella Pico –
Gaby Valentin –
Brooke C. Williams –

Amanda Kastrinos’ labs:
Haley Clement –
Gabriel Diaz –
Rachel Donohue –
Romy Ellenbogen –
Matt Gorwitz –
Kyndall McCain –
Amanda Nardi –

Rich Shumate’s lab:
Rick Garcia
Emma Green
Rosanne Ramraj
Melanie Mueller

Steve Waters’ labs:
Carly Breitbart – Dancers of UF
Natalie Calvo – Reverse Magical Moments


Fall Semester 2015

Best Bloggers 

Kéran Billaud’s labs:
Alex Shepherd – Nickel & Dime
Pak Kei Wan —
Hannah Brown’s lab:
Aleksandra Karczmiarz
– Gator Communicators Doing More
Felicia Solazzo -Sellin’ The Melon

Earlesha Butler’s labs:
Gabrielle Calise —
Jillian Tartt —
Keiran Sheridan —
Joshua Kimble —
Savanna Collins —

Karen Dooley’s lab:
Elizabeth Pantaleon – Diaries of Diversity

Michael Stone’s lab:
Euge Blaubach – Culture Seeker

Congratulations to JOU3109 students who had their stories published during Fall Semester 2015:

Kéran Billaud’s labs:
Sarah Bounaim – Filling Florida’s growing need for biomedical technology training
Destinee Bullard – Construction continues on SPC’s Bay Pines Learning Center
Mary Kate Cobb – UF’s Solution For The Abandoned Bikes On Campus

Hannah Brown’s lab:
Briana White – Research Roundup news brief
Lindsey Rogers –  Gator Student-Athletes Create Smiles at 10th Annual Climb for Cancer Event

Michael Stone’s lab:
Anisha Dutt
– UF study sends mice into space
Andrew Kluess – Campus Kitchen Project looking to revitalize, reduce food waste
Aubrey Krampert – UF group brings free health care
Taylor Paitsel – Coyotes a growing problem


Congratulations to Euge Blaubach and Diana Illingworth for being winners of top news release for Study Abroad 2017.

Congratulations to JOU3109 students who had their stories published during Spring Semester 2015:

Kéran Billaud’s labs
Santino Andrews – Students Use Social Media As Lobbying Tool, Florida Political Review
Billie Arnett –  Receives Grant to Provide Agribusiness Resources, South Dade Newsleader
Asia EmoryWarrior models to command runway at PAM Fashion Show, The Alligator
Jasmyne HowardDiversity plays a major role in social justice, sustainability, Sustainable UF website
Savana KearneyMeasles, Mumps and Rubella Vaccination, Giggle Magazine

Earlesha Butler’s labs
Jarrod DyerLGBTQ+ students on campus fight discrimination in STEM careers, The Alligator
Meagan MeredithUF Office of Sustainability to host first Earth Month Celebration, Sustainable UF website

Nicki Karimipour’s lab
Sarah Chrisien
, Sustainability Hut Works To Promote Eco-Friendly Lifestyles,
Deshlee Ford –  Siembra Farm Encourages Sustainability Through Local Community Food System,
Kelli Kaufmann, UF welcomes back Sue the T. rex, The Odyssey
Jenna Kline –  
Annual chicken-wing event sustainable for the first time,
The Alligator
Katy McGrath –  “WNHS hosts ‘Battle of the Badges’ to aid Torch Run,” Nassau County Record
Katelyn Vogt – UF Office of Sustainability improving bike program for faculty, staff, Sustainable UF website.

Rich Shumate’s labs
Kisakye Mugwanya – Gainesville thrift store takes re-useful approach to sustainability, Sustainabile UF website

 Steve Waters’ labs
Joshua Williamson – St. Johns River Cleanup aims to unite, improve community, News Leader
Congratulations to the best news releases for the 2105 Santa Fe College Spring Arts Festival
Sally Greider and Li Stalder as the top two; lab winners – Sedona Huffty, Jennifer Jenkins, McKenzie Kuhn, Meagan Meredith, Rebecca Moonitz, Brooke Perry and Chelsea Stromfeld

Congratulations to JOU3109 students who had their stories published during Fall Semester 2014:

EHST story sample

Two labs provide you the opportunity to get published. Your story will be enhanced if you also take a photo that can help tell the story.

Kéran Billaud’s labs
Ariana Brasman
UF promotes sustainability programs on campus,
Katherine ButierrezNow that’s justice: Food Day, The Alligator
Moriah GaynorFood trucks to serve Shabbat at Hillel, The Alligator
Mireillee LamourtSustainable Transportation Spotlight: Pedal Power,
Ashley PancoastSustainable Transportation Spotlight: The Nissan Leaf,
Conor SoperNew expanded bicycle racks to appear on RTS buses, The Alligator

Karen Dooley’s lab
Lauren MaloneyAmbulance gets improved wireless, The Alligator

Hannah Brown’s labs
Kiara BeardGator’s Stadium Strives toward zero-waster,
Frances VerjanoUF students gear up for basketball season – The Alligator

Nicki Karimipour’s lab
Adeline McNeilUF students’ ChordBuff is attracting many musicians, The Gainesville Sun

Rich Shumate’s labs
Mikayla Mott, UF labs want more 3-D printer usage, The Alligator

Steve Waters’ labs
David JolleyUF lab makes robots with common tech, The Alligator

Congratulations to Alexandria Clark and Chris Kennedy for writing the top two news releases for Study Abroad 2016


Creating and maintaining a blog – Each student determines a topic for a blog that will become part of the student’s professional portfolio. The best blogs include interviews, the student’s own photos, and relevant links.

Some top blogs for Fall Semester 2014

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Some top blogs for Spring Semester 2014

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Jonathan Arnholz:
Abbie Banitt:
Jenny O’Donnell:
Heather Reinblatt:
Andrea Sarcos:

Congratulations to JOU3109 students who had their stories published – Spring Semester 2014

Kéran Billaud’s labs:
Brianna Erickson
– “Business of springs: Impact on eco-tourism” – Alachua County Today
Autumn Gardner – “Solar charging coming to UF campus thanks to engineering society” – The Alligator
Marena SmithPaynes Prairie to celebrate fire awareness at Fire Fest – The Alligator

Hannah Brown’s labs:
Adriana Di Graziano – “Ranger at Paynes Prairie Celebrates Retirement” – Friends of Paynes Prairie website
Kristina Florio – “Remembering Our Roots” – The Servant’s House Ministries
Erin Ford – “Yappy Hour brings stress relief to UF students with therapy dogs” – The Alligator
Callie Friedman – “How high can you jump? There’s an app for that” – The Alligator
Ryan Jones –
Swallowtail Farm hosts county fair –
Damaris Lopez –
Earth Day encourages students to adopt one sustainable habit” – The Alligator

Nicki Karimipour’s labs:
Graham HackUF mulls moving all online classes to Canvas system — The Alligator
Paige Levin – “Sweet success: UF researchers find key to sweeter, healthier strawberries,” Layman’s Terms Media
Michelle Lüchau – UF professor’s grant may bring UF water research to forefront” – The Alligator
Claudia Stantzyk-Guzek
– “Invasive lizard species impacts Florida Counties, but not Alachua” – The Alligator
Rachel Wise –
Team helps kids in hospital cope” – The Alligator

Steve Waters’ labs:
Gabrielle Beecher
– “UF student proposes musical, LED fountain for remodeled Reitz Union,” – The Alligator
Kelly Castro – “Robotics” – Lake City Journal
Kalila Fleming – “Helping Wounded Warriors Return to Function and Duty” – The Final Cut, Quarterly Newsletter of the Surgery Directorate, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center
Athena Harris – “Self-Harm Awareness Month highlights resources available to UF students” – The Alligator
Cindy Kabiru – “Ranger Howard Leads His Last Hike” – Friends of Paynes Prairie Website
Veronica Lopresti-Mingrone – “Redesigned Nutrition Facts Label Facilitates Senior Citizen Nutrition” –

Top news release for the new center for student advising – Nicole Gomez from Karen Dooley’s lab


Congratulations to JOU3109 students who had their stories published – Fall Semester 2013

Kéran Billaud’s labs:
Claire Bough – “Yoga provides immediate brain benefits, study says” – The Alligator
Dorothy Hagmajer – “Breast cancer vaccines are nothing new” – Layman’s Terms Media
Hannah Brown’s labs:
Brooke Baitinger
– “UF research group played role in discovery of Higgs boson” Layman’s Terms Media
Samantha Blend – “Alachua Conservancy Trust to host first Halloween ball” – The Alligator
Ashley Kobza – “College of Medicine’s new center to reflect modern approach to medicine” – The Alligator
Victoria Messina – “Fossil Fuel Tellers: UF researcher uses fossil record to predict crustacean decline” – Layman’s Terms Media
Denise Robinson – “PeerFit joins fight against obesity”  – The Alligator
Andrea Sarcos – “Multimedia show at UF gives artists lay of the land” – The Alligator
Stephany Vasquez – “Bike-sharing program could let UF student rent wheels” – The Alligator
Nicki Karimipour’s labs:
Alina Avalos – “Incorporating fitness training into cancer care” – Memorial Healthcare System
Annaleigh Bonds – “New app allows people to save Snapchats without the sender knowing” –
Alexia Fernandez – UF student’s peanut butter test found ot help detect early stages of Alzheimer’s disease” – The Alligator
Nicole Giaquinto – “Bedbugs on the rise nationally, but not in UF dorms” – The Alligator
Marissa Labadie – “UF could get more all-natural vending machines on campus” – The Alligator
Erin Meisenzahl-Peace – “Gainesville startup GOOD, Inc. has varied projects” – The Alligator
Savanna Wood – “Can exercise potentially help treat prostate cancer symptoms?” – Layman’s Terms Media
Michael Stone’s labs:

Kathryn Allaben – “Is there a way to stop Floridan aquifer depletion?” –
Jonathan Arnholz – “Hear, and now: How Florida is addressing The Swamp’s phone service, connection problems” – Alligator Army
Shelby Davidson – “UF agriculture programs unites farmers, consumers” – The Alligator
Kayla Hunt – “Warning: One all-nighter can throw off circadian rhythms” – Layman’s Terms Media
Craig Kissoon – “Hypnosis and therapy help school-related stress, experts say” – Layman’s Terms Media
Nicole Parra – “Student organization Campus Kitchens preparing for community ‘Turkeypalooza’ dinner” – The Alligator
Heather Reinblatt – “Tiny Blood Suckers” – Gainesville Today
Lisandranette Rios – “RTS working to resolve issue of buses not appearing in app” – The Alligator

Photography –
Students were to capture storytelling photos that demonstrated best practices for photography.

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The top two 2014 Study Abroad news releases:
Emily Davis
Erin Meisenzahl-Peace