Media law: Focus of March 31 #JOU3109 lecture & Quiz 4 on April 7


Journalistic writing style, commas and AP style are all important for you to know and demonstrate as someone going into the communications field.

Also very important are the legal and ethics issues involved in communications work.

We’re having two lectures to focus on these two areas. In lecture on March 31, Mr. Shumate will talk about legal guidelines and provide highlights of Chapter 14. Quiz 4 will be based on that chapter and Mr. Shuamte’s presentation — April 7.

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Prepare for Lab 12’s news release in Thursday’s #JOU3109 lecture with Prof. Bridget Grogan, our client

The CJC Summer Institute will be the topic for your Lab 12 news release.

The CJC Summer Institute will be the topic for your Lab 12 news release.

We’re working with a client for the Lab 12 news release.

You will be writing a news release about the College’s Summer Institute.

Prof. Bridget Grogan is co-director for CJC SI and will be in lecture on March 24 to provide information and direction on what she wants for the news release.

In lecture, I’ll take the role of being her intern with the task of writing the news release. We’ll have the kind of conversation you would have to prepare for writing a news release for an organization you intern/volunteer for. Some of the process is like doing a journalism-type interview for a story. Some of the process is different. [What are those similarities and differences? At this point in the semester, you should know.]

You’ll be taking notes, as we won’t be providing a fact sheet. You also may want to record the conversation. (You can place your phone on a table that we’ll have on the stage — as we did when Allison Vitt was in class.)

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Prior to class, please visit the Summer Institute’s website and see what information you can find — dates, costs, activities. What information do you need for the news release? What information will you need from our conversation with Prof. Grogan?
  2. Imagine that you are going to be the one interviewing Prof. Grogan. What are the questions you would ask? You should have questions both about the Summer Institute and about the news release.
  3. In lecture, take notes. You may want to have your laptop or tablet so you can check the website for information. You also may record the lecture.
  4. Be listening for guidance on the structure and contents of the news release. You won’t be receiving a rubric for this news release, as on the job you don’t receive rubrics for your work.
  5. Be ready to ask strategic questions. I’m familiar with the Summer Institute. (In fact, I was co-director for six years.) And I’ve written many news releases. So I may not ask something that you need to know. I’ll budget some time for you to ask questions. But we want those to be strategic questions — not about issues you could find on the website or what already was discussed in lecture.
  6. Before Lab 12, write the news release and the other assignments that you’ll learn about in lecture. Take your materials in print and digital form to Lab 12.

See you in lecture on Thursday. This is not a live tweeting day, as you want to focus on collecting information for the news release assignment

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Prepare for job interviews with @UF_CRC’s Nadene Reynolds – live tweet & Quiz 3


Nadene Rynolds interviews Ali Schmitz, when Ali was a student in JOU3109. Ali now is a producer and anchor for WUFT News.

A goal we’ve talked about starting on the first day of the course — helping you be competitive for internships and jobs in the communications field.

Two upcoming lectures and Lab 13 are designed to help you with job readiness.

Lab 13 – Your grade for the lab is your blog. Instead of the class meeting as usual during this lab, you may sign up for an individual 10-minute interview time for the extra-credit portfolio interview. Two lectures will help prepare you. Be sure to read the directions for this extra credit assignment — portfolio_directions_S16

Lecture on Tuesday, March 22 – Nadene Reynolds, Associate Director for Professional Development at the Career Resource Center, will be our guest. She will talk about the support provided by the CRC and then talk specifically about interviewing for an internship or job. Thanks to class member Ethan Bauer for agreeing to participate in a mock interview with Ms. Reynolds.

We’ll have a Scantron activity at the end of class that will count as your Quiz 3 score. Your attendance is what will count as the score — no specific readings are required. Please bring a pencil. This lecture also is the third of five live tweeting activities.

Lecture on Tuesday, March 29 – I will talk about creating a portfolio for the Lab 13 assignment and offer tips on creating an online portfolio.

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Practice live tweeting in #JOU3109 lectures — 3 opportunities remaining


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Live tweet social media insights from @UFJSchool grad Lauren Gonzalez during #JOU3109 March 17 lecture

Lauren Gonzalez

Social media plays an important role in communications jobs — and in our personal lives.

CJC graduate Lauren Gonzalez will be our guest in lecture on Thursday to talk about her different job and internship experiences working with social media. Lauren is the Social Media and Digital Coordinator for Diane von Furstenberg, a major fashion company.

She will be joining us via Skype — reminding us of the power of Skype for providing an in-person experience for interviews and workshops even when we’re miles apart.

This class is one of your five opportunities to live tweet for your Twitter grade (your Twitter account setup plus three live tweeting events). In lecture on Tuesday, we discussed strategies for live tweeting. Be sure to use appropriate hashtags (including #JOU3109) and handles and to make every tweet provide useful information for your Twitter readers.

To help prepare for live tweeting during Lauren Gonzalez’s visit to class, I’d encourage you to do some background research. See what you can find out about Lauren on social media, especially LinkedIn. You also want to know her Twitter handle. Also check out the Diane von Furstenberg website.

Please read “Social Media as a Public Relations Tool” — pr_social_media_chapter
This online chapter was developed by Karen Dooley, director of communications in the UF College of Medicine and a lab instructor for Multimedia Writing.

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