On-campus resources

Your lab instructor
One of the best ways to improve your success in the course is to meet with your lab instructor during office hours to discuss your writing. During lab, the focus for you and for your lab instructor is that day’s assignment. Office hours are the opportunity to go over your work and ask questions. You also can discuss possible internships, career plans, and getting published.

Communications Coaching Center

The college offers free writing assistance in 1088 Weimer. The coaches are members of the Journalism & Communications Ambassadors, upper division students in the college who have completed JOU3109c, MMC 2100 or RTV2100. They can help you when you’re working on articles outside of class — coaching you on developing interview questions or determining people to interview. They also can help you with specific grammar concerns (how to use commas, for instance) or AP style (like abbreviating street addresses). They will not proofread your work for you. The JCAs also can provide advice about your schedule and internships.

Knight Division for Scholarships, Career Placement and Multicultural Affairs
Information on college scholarships, internships and jobs is available from the Knight Division, which is located in the college’s new PATH (Professional Advising and Teaching Hub), next to Gannett Auditorium. The Knight Division hosts an Interviewing Day each semester, with dozens of organizations and media properties interviewing for jobs and internships. If you go to the Knight Division’s website, you can register to have access online to job and career information.

UF’s Career Resource Center provides workshops and online materials to assist you in developing a résumé, preparing for interviews, and determining what career options are available. CRC is located in the Reitz Union on the same floor as the food court. The CRC website includes a helpful r: checklist and a sample cover letter. The CRC hosts Career Showcase each semester. http://www.crc.ufl.edu

UF’s Counseling and Wellness Center
can be a great aid if you are having a personal situation that is affecting your class performance — such as an ongoing health issue, a serious illness or death in your family, etc. By talking with a counselor, your situation will be documented. Then, if you have an emergency during the semester, your instructors  will be notified.

UF’s Disability Resource Center provides assistance for students who need accommodations due to learning or physical disabilities. Your responsibility as a student is to meet with the DRC staff and provide documentation of your situation. DRC will then provide you with a letter to share with your teachers to lead to a discussion about specific accommodations to be made.