News resources

To become more familiar with the style of writing used in the media, you should be reading news 20-30 minutes a day.

[Listening to broadcast or radio newscasts is useful, too, but the style for writing for print/online reading is different from writing news for broadcast/audio.]

Here are some online sources that could be useful to you. Copy and paste a link into your browser. Please let me know if you discover that a link isn’t functioning or if you have a suggestion for another news source to add to the list.

Innovation News Center – A new addition to the College of Journalism and Communications, the INC provides students with the opportunity to be involved in production of news, features and sports for television, radio (WUFT-FM) and the Web. Several of the college’s courses include “immersive” experiences in the INC.

The Newseum is located on in Washington, D.C., and is filled with displays, interactive games and a 4-D movie about the history and future of news. The Newsuem also has an interesting website that daily includes the front pages of more than 800 newspapers from more than 80 countries. This site is a great resource for comparing coverage and design.