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Julie Dodd retires from UF, celebrates #JOU3109 teaching

Teaching Multimedia Writing (and previously Writing for Mass Communication) has been one of the highlights of my faculty life at the University of Florida. And now I’m retiring after teaching for 28 years at the University of Florida. Thanks to … Continue reading

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Create (or update) your LinkedIn profile to add to your online presence

Your summer to-do list should include: Create (or update) my LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is a great, free social media tool that lets you have an online professional presence. When we discussed presenting yourself through a portfolio or online website, many … Continue reading

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4 reasons to attend #JOU3109 lecture on April 7

Here are four reasons to attend lecture on April 7: Take Quiz 4 – The quiz will be 10 multiple-choice items over the Media Law chapter (Chap. 14). This is the last of the four quizzes for the semester. Your … Continue reading

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Prof. Bridget Grogan provides insights on video storytelling in #JOU3109 & is last live tweeting opportunity

The communications field continues to blur the lines between what used to be the very separate jobs of journalism, public relations, telecommunications and advertising/marketing. To better prepared to for possible internship and job opportunities, you need to have a range … Continue reading

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Media law: Important to know for communications internships/jobs & for #JOU3109 Quiz 4

by Rich Shumate Multimedia Writing students need to be familiar with major facets of media law to guide and protect them as they work in the media. Chapter 14 in Writing and Reporting News goes into detail regarding many of … Continue reading

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