About JOU 3109

Multimedia Writing (JOU 3109c) is a required course for journalism and public relations majors and is a prerequisite for Reporting (JOU 3101).

Panel in JOU3109 - photo by Alex Manimakis

Later in the semester, I invite a panel of former JOU3109 students to speak to the class. Always interesting to hear the many different ways students use the skills they develop in Multimedia Writing for internships and campus activities. Photo by Alex Manimakis

A major goal for JOU 3109c is to help you learn the fundamentals of writing for journalism and public relations — learning the format for a news story, learning how to conduct interviews, learning to use AP style, learning to write a news release, learning to carefully edit your own writing, etc.

The course is a team effort with six lab instructors working with me. We work together to make sure everyone is having a comparable learning experience and is leaving the course with the foundation to move on to Reporting.

As the title of the course indicates, Multimedia Writing also includes practice with “new” applications of message delivery, including blogging and Twitter.

For all of us working in the media or media education, keeping up with technology is part of the job. You’re learning technology now but will need to continue learning new technology throughout your career.

Developing this blog for the course is one of my ventures in keeping up with technology changes. My first website for a course was back in 1996. With technical assistance from Dr. Judy Robinson, I created a website for Writing for Mass Communication (MMC 2100) with Claris Homepage. The next evolution of course website was developing and maintaining the course website with a variety of versions of Dreamweaver. In the fall of 2010, I created the course blog with WordPress.