About Dr. Julie Dodd

I really enjoy teaching Multimedia Writing because this is such a useful course. Working on the fundamentals of media writing will help you regardless of your major or career plans.

student panel in Multimedia Writing

Former students join me in Multimedia Writing to share advice about internships, skills and students organizations. Photo by Catie Flatley

You’ll get to try out many different writing forms and create social media (Twitter and blogs) to be part of your professional persona.

One of my favorite assignments in the course is when you select to report on a story with an environmental, health, science or technology focus. Many students are able to get their stories published, often gaining their first byline.

Let me share a little info about myself so you can see my background.

Like many of you, I became interested in the media before college. I worked on the sixth grade newspaper and then on the newspaper staffs in junior high and high school. I was on the newspaper staff when I was an undergraduate at Transylvania University, in Lexington, Ky., serving as editor my senior year.

I worked on my own Twitter skills by live tweeting during Inauguration events.

I worked on my own Twitter skills by live tweeting during Inauguration events.

I earned a bachelor’s degree in English and English Education at Transylvania and a master’s degree in Communications and a doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Kentucky. While a doctoral student, I served on the committee that reviewed applicants to the College of Education and also worked with student teachers.

I was a health and fitness writer for The Oak Ridger (Oak Ridge, Tenn.). I worked in public relations for school districts in Lexington, Ky., and Oak Ridge, Tenn., and served as director of the Kentucky High School Press Association and the Kentucky High School Speech League at the University of Kentucky. I was a high school journalism and English teacher and advised student newspapers and yearbooks in Kentucky and Tennessee.

Julie Dodd on air for WUFT-FM

Practicing “converged” media skills, I have been on the air to help with fundraising for WUFT-FM. Photo by Steve Johnson

I’ve learned quite a bit about the college and UF by serving on committees.  I was the Faculty Senate’s representative on the Presidential Inauguration Committee, which was a great way to see how UF’s communications team works. Many of those in communications jobs in colleges across campus are grads of our college.

I’ve been a CJC representative on the UF Faculty Senate and serve on the Faculty Selection Committee for the Graduate Student Teaching Awards.

I was on teams that developed two online courses for the Poynter Institute’s News University, an online educational site. The courses I worked on — Reporting Across Platforms and Video Storytelling for the Web — are two of the five courses for the NewsU Multimedia Certificate Program. You can register for a free NewsU account and can choose to take more than 70 free courses.

Former student Lauren Gonzalez joined us via Skype to talk about her internship and work experiences.

Former student Lauren Gonzalez joined us via Skype to talk about her internship and work experiences.

Right now, I’m developing an online versions of Multimedia Writing to be part of CJC’s all-online undergraduate degree in Public Relations that will be offered through UF Online, starting Fall 2016. If you have any suggestions about online courses based on taking online courses that you think would be helpful to me, please come visit me during office hours.

As a faculty member, I served as executive director of the Florida Scholastic Press Association. I’ve served on the boards of Quill & Scroll International and the Journalism Education Association.

I’ve been selected as Teacher of the Year for the college and received two TIP Awards for excellence in teaching at UF. I was honored to receive the Journalism Educator Award from the Scholastic Journalism Division of AEJMC. I received the College’s 2013 Faculty Service Award.

I’ve had articles published in The Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education, Inside Higher Ed, Newspaper Research Journal, Journalism and Mass Communication Educator, Editor & Publisher, and Quill and Scroll. My most recent research has been on how college faculty use Twitter in their teaching.

I look forward to working with you in Multimedia Writing!