Create (or update) your LinkedIn profile to add to your online presence

LinkedIn blog postYour summer to-do list should include: Create (or update) my LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn is a great, free social media tool that lets you have an online professional presence.

When we discussed presenting yourself through a portfolio or online website, many in the class said they had LinkedIn profiles. But our brief discussion of LinkedIn, including critiquing a class member’s profile, showed that effective profiles go beyond just typing in the basic info.

Thanks to former students Andrea Carroz (@andrea_carroz) and Erica Hernandez (@EricaAlyssa) for writing three blog posts about developing a LinkedIn profile.

9 steps for creating your LinkedIn profile
3 steps for setting up and utilizing LinkedIn connections
Improve your LinkedIn profile by listing coursework, describing work duties and joining professional groups

My added suggestions:

  • For your professional headline, use descriptive terms rather than job titles. So instead of “Journalism major,” give a description, such as: Environmental writer or Enthusiastic about covering politics or Visual Storyteller.
  • Use an appropriate photo. The photo doesn’t need to be a business suit photo but shouldn’t be a selfie or too casual.
  • If you are interested in adding professors or employers to your connections, be sure to write your own invitation that is sent out by LinkedIn. Don’t use the default invitation, as it’s too informal.
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