4 reasons to attend #JOU3109 lecture on April 7

Here are four reasons to attend lecture on April 7:

  1. Take Quiz 4 – The quiz will be 10 multiple-choice items over the Media Law chapter (Chap. 14). This is the last of the four quizzes for the semester. Your three best quiz scores will be averaged for your quiz grade. If you already have taken the other three quizzes and are satisfied with those scores, you do not have to take this quiz.
  2. Learn about Lab 14 and the five-point extra-credit assignment you can complete for the April 12 lecture.
  3. Participate in team activity to talk about issues related to Media Ethics (Chap. 15) and Multicultural Sensitivity (Chap. 16).
  4. Be part of the #JOU3109 community learning experience. :)


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