Prof. Bridget Grogan provides insights on video storytelling in #JOU3109 & is last live tweeting opportunity

Bridget Grogan in Innovation News Center

Prof. Bridget Grogan works with students to edit their newscast in the Innovation News Center. Photo by Julie Dodd

The communications field continues to blur the lines between what used to be the very separate jobs of journalism, public relations, telecommunications and advertising/marketing.

To better prepared to for possible internship and job opportunities, you need to have a range of skills.

Prof. Bridget Grogan will be our guest in class to talk about video storytelling and how telling a story in text and video are similar and different.

[She provides a great addition to the chapter in the textbook on Broadcast News Writing, which will be on Exam Two.]

This is the fifth of your five live tweeting opportunity. You need to have three live tweeting opportunities

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