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Join tour of @UFJSchool during #JOU3109 lecture on Tuesday, Nov. 25

Join us for a field trip during Tuesday’s lecture — a walking tour of the College of Journalism and Communications. We’ll visit a number of locations in the college to help you know more about the college’s resources and opportunities, … Continue reading

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Prof. Bridget Grogan provides behind-the-scenes view of how broadcast stories created — useful for #JOU3109 students to know

Developing a range of media skills has been a topic of discussion and actual practice in Multimedia Writing this semester. News writing, interviewing, feature writing, blogging, news release writing, and Twitter have been some of your activities. In Thursday’s lecture, … Continue reading

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Review of Chaps. 14-16 in Tuesday’s #JOU3109 lecture, with Quiz 4 covering Media Law (Chap. 14)

Tuesday’s lecture will be a review of three chapters in Writing and Reporting News: Media Law (Chap. 14) – We’ll start class with Quiz 4 on this chapter. The quiz will be 10 multiple-choice items. Please bring a pencil with … Continue reading

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Twitter assignment for #JOU3109 encourages you to develop social media skills; Twitter due for Lab 13

Tweet on! One of your missions this semester in Multimedia Writing is to establish yourself on Twitter. Your Twitter account will count 50 points and will be due for Lab 13. (See rubric and printing directions at end of this … Continue reading

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Nadene Reynolds provides tips in #JOU3109 lecture for job interviewing

Getting ready for the job market and job and internship interviews is the focus for Thursday’s lecture. Our special guest is Nadene Reynolds, Senior Assistant Director for Professional Development and Experience at UF’s Career Resource Center. Ms. Reynolds, a public … Continue reading

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