Clients in Thursday’s #JOU3109 lecture provide directions for writing news release for Lab 12

Renovation of CJC library

The renovation of the former library in the College of Journalism and Communications is almost complete. How does this photo connect to the news release you have to write for Lab 12? Be in lecture on March 27 to find out.

Our clients for the Lab 12 news release will be in lecture on Thursday, March 27.

Judy Hunter

Judy Hunter

Our clients are:

They want you to write a news release to help promote the opening of a new facility in the College for undergraduate student activities and resources.

Be in lecture on Thursday, and bring your laptop, tablet or notebook for taking notes. I’ll lead the discussion with our clients.

Katrice Graham

Katrice Graham

As you think about this assignment and take notes in Thursday’s lecture, consider:

  • What do you need to know in terms of content?
  • What do you need to know in terms of how to present the information?
  • How is writing a news release about the facility’s opening similar to but different from writing a news story about the opening for The Alligator?

Please note: You will NOT receive a grading rubric for this lab. One of your goals is to listen in lecture to determine what Ms. Hunter and Ms. Graham want you to include in the news release — plus a few directions from me.

You will be writing the draft of the news release to take with you (print and digital form) to Lab 12.

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