Read Chaps. 1 and 2 to be ready for Quiz 1 in #JOU3109 lecture on Thursday, Jan. 23

Carole Rich - Writing and Reporting NewQuiz 1 will be on Thursday, Jan. 23, during the first 15 minutes of lecture. Please bring a pencil with an eraser.

The quiz will be 10 items based on Chaps. 1 (Changing Concepts of News) and 2 (The Basic News Story) in Writing and Reporting News. These chapters are based on the seventh edition of the textbook. This edition has major changes from the sixth edition, especially relating to emerging media.

Here is a sample of the kind of questions that will be on the quiz.

Eye Track studies have been used to:
(A) Assess the potential honesty of someone being interviewed for a story.
(B) Determine how readers are drawn into a newspaper page by visuals.
(C) Create an interactive reading experience for coverage of hurricanes.
(D) Plan the design of converged newsrooms.

We will have four quizzes in lecture. Your quiz grade will be based on your top three quiz scores. If you are absent from lecture on a day of a quiz, that will be the quiz score that will be dropped. No makeup quizzes are given.

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