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Homework for Lab 5: Typed memo providing focus about you for personality profile

A challenging and fun assignment for Lab 6 is interviewing a classmate and writing a profile of your classmate — all during your three-hour lab. To help prepare for that assignment, you are to write a memo providing a brief … Continue reading

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Get ready to set up your own WordPress blog to be part of your professional portfolio and to be your Lab 13 grade

Two goals for you this semester in Multimedia Writing are to try out a variety of media writing styles and to include some of your course work in your professional portfolio. In Thursday’s lecture, Mr. Kochey and I will talk … Continue reading

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Tuesday’s lecture will start with Quiz 1 and then cover how to cover breaking news to prepare for Lab 4

Today’s technology has changed the way news organizations report breaking news stories. Before the Internet and now smartphones and tablets, breaking news stories were written for a once-a-day deadline for publication in the newspaper. Now we expect breaking news stories … Continue reading

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Take advantage of events, meetings, organizations to help you learn more about media careers and to make contacts

A great aspect of being a student in UF’s College of Journalism and Communications is that both the college and UF provide so many academic and professional opportunities. Just since the semester started, you could… Meet Dean Diane McFarlin at … Continue reading

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Writing extra-credit news story and Lab 3 homework news story will help you be ready to write news story on deadline in lab

For Lab 3, you will be moving into writing news stories. We know that this is a new writing style for most students in the course. Even students who have worked on high school or college media typically haven’t written … Continue reading

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