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Exam Two will be held during Tuesday’s lecture time — be ready

Remember that Exam Two will be held during our regular class time on Tuesday, Dec. 4. Be sure to bring a pencil with an eraser and a picture ID. Download the study advice to use in preparing for the exam … Continue reading

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Join the Dropbox Space Race — gain Cloud storage space and show Gator pride

Dropbox is a great way to store and share files. Dropbox is a Cloud computing application, meaning that the files you store there will be “in the Cloud,” being stored on Dropbox’s server instead of your server. Cloud storage lets … Continue reading

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Tuesday’s lecture includes Quiz 4 over Chap. 14 and 5-point extra-credit news-feature story assignment

I hope you had a good Thanksgiving and are ready for the end-of-the-semester activities in all of you classes. Tuesday’s lecture will have two big activities: 1) Quiz 4 – This is be the last of our four quizzes for … Continue reading

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Read 3 stories that we’ll discuss in lecture on Thursday as we discuss media ethics and multicultural sensitivity

On Thursday, we’ll continue our discussion of legal and ethical issues that affect our work in the media and add discussion of diversity issues. (We began that topic today when we talked about the University of Wisconsin recruitment brochure photo.) … Continue reading

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3 chapters discuss ‘big picture’ issues in media — reading chapters helps prepare you for Exam 2

In lecture on Nov. 8, we began the discussion of a trio of chapters that will be on Exam Two — Media Law (Chap. 14), Media Ethics (Chap. 15), and Multicultural Sensitivity (Chap. 16). The chapters will be the basis … Continue reading

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