Create a LinkedIn profile to add to your professional presence

LinkedIn homepageA step you can take to enhance your professional presence is to create a LinkedIn profile. Creating a profile is free and will provide you with an online résumé. If you already have a LinkedIn profile, you should consider how you can improve your profile by adding contacts and including links to your social media.

Thanks to former students Andrea Carroz and Erica Hernandez for writing three blog posts about developing a LinkedIn profile:

9 steps for creating your LinkedIn profile
3 steps for setting up and utilizing LinkedIn connections
Improve your LinkedIn profile by listing coursework, describing work duties and joining professional groups


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April 17 lecture provides tips for your future and directions for calculating your #JOU3109 grade

Snickers barI hope you’ll join me for our last lecture on April 17.

[Our lecture on April 22 will be Exam Two -- exam2_study_advice_S14.]

I’ll explain how to calculate your grade and will offer several strategies for being successful when you take Reporting (JOU3101) and Multimedia Reporting (JOU3346L).

I’ll provide tips for thinking about your future and will tell the story of how two Snickers bars helped me move into a management position — and how you need to be ready for such opportunities.

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News-feature writing and AP style are the focus of Tuesday’s #JOU3109 lecture — gain 5 points of extra credit and prepare for Lab 14

We’re using Lab 14 and the lecture on Tuesday, April 14, to help you get into the mindset for Reporting — writing a news-feature story and considering AP style issues.

2013_APSTYLEBOOK_COVERBe sure to take the opportunity to practice with the extra-credit news-feature story. Use the information provided on this handout to write a news-feature. Bring two typed copies of the story to lecture. You’ll hand in one copy and use the other for an in-class critique. Here is the handout – lab 14 extra-credit fact sheet

Reread the soft lead section of Chapter 7 and practice writing several different kinds of soft leads for the story.

Write a headline that has SEO potential.

What are the AP style issues contained in the story?

Bring your AP Stylebook to lecture for a scavenger hunt on AP style issues.

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Explore audio storytelling in #JOU3109 lecture on April 10

by Hannah Brown
Multimedia Writing lab instructor

National Civil Rights Museum exhibit, Memphis, Tenn.

Listen to the National Public Radio story about Rosa Parks and the reopening of the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, Tenn.

Now that we have covered photography and social media techniques, we are going to expand our toolbox even more by adding another multimedia element — audio storytelling.

Jeff Riley and I will talk about the basics of audio recording in lecture on Thursday, April 10.

We will share some tips on best practices for audio storytelling and equipment use, which can be accomplished with tools that you probably already own. ​We will also discuss the advantages of using audio to supplement written stories, as well as the power of stand-alone audio stories.

Martin Luther King in jail cell as part of museum exhibit

Read the story about the reopening of the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, Tenn.

This lecture will be an introduction to assignments that will be covered in Multimedia Reporting (JOU3346L), a required one-hour course for journalism and public relations majors, which you take in conjunction with Reporting (JOU3101).

Review the links below before Thursday’s lecture. Both stories are about the reopening of the National Civil Rights Museum. Read the print story and listen to the audio story to see how the same story differs when told through audio and print. We will start off Thursday’s lecture with a discussion about the benefits and drawbacks of each style.



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Nadene Reynolds offers advice for job interviewing and creating your LinkedIn profile

Nadene Reynolds interviews Ali Schmitz

Nadene Reynolds conducts a mock interview with Ali Schmitz during Multimedia Writing and offers the class tips about interviewing. Photo by Alex Maminakis.

Thanks to Nadene Reynolds, from the UF Career Resource Center, for being our special guest speaker to talk about strategies for a successful job interview.

Thanks, too, to Ali Schmitz for participating in the mock interview.

You will be hearing some similar questions if you participate in the portfolio interview with your lab instructor in Lab 13. portfolio_directions_S14

One of the topics Ms. Reynolds discussed in lecture was creating a LinkedIn account as part of your professional profile.

linkedin1A LinkedIn profile enables you to have an online résumé and even to post examples of your professional work.

Read the three blog posts by UF students Andrea Carroz and Erica Hernandez that provide advice for setting up your LinkedIn account:

9 steps for creating your LinkedIn profile

Improve your LinkedIn profile by listing coursework, describing work duties and joining professional groups

3 steps for setting up and utilizing LinkedIn connections

As Ms. Reynolds and I said in lecture, don’t use the generic “I’d like to add you to my LinkedIn connections” to contact a potential connection. Write a personalized request. Also, LinkedIn is based on having connections you know and can recommend. So both Ms. Reynolds and I don’t accept connection requests we receive from students we don’t know well enough to recommend.

Also, because LinkedIn is a professional network, you want to select a photo that has a professional look. You don’t have to wear a business suit, but you don’t want to use a selfie photo or a photo of you in too casual attire or with your girlfriend/boyfriend.

As with any kind of writing, reading examples can help you in your own writing. So read others’ LinkedIn profiles to help you see how others present themselves.

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