Be ready for #JOU3109 Lab 12 — bring digital draft of arts festival news release & have Twitter ready for classmate review

Kathryn Lehman

Kathryn Lehman talks with the students in Multimedia Writing about the Santa Fe College Spring Arts Festival. Some students used their phones to record her presentation. Photo by Danielle Veenstra

Your homework for Lab 12 is to write a news release about the Santa Fe College Spring Arts Festival and take the release in digital format to lab. Write the news release based on the in-lecture interview with Kathryn Lehman, the director of the festival, on March 26, and the two news releases that she provided:

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For over forty years, the Fine Arts Department at Santa Fe College has built its programs regionally, nationally and internationally. Students at Santa Fe have access to the best instruction, with the opportunity to perform in public performances & exhibits.

Visit the SF Fine Arts website →
The Spring Arts Festival artist application deadline has been extended to December 31st! Click here to continue

Santa Fe College Spring Arts Festival Delights Visitors

April 11-12, 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. with evening concert on the lawn of the Thomas Center

Set amid picturesque turn-of-the-century homes in the Northeast Gainesville Historic District, the 46th annual Santa Fe College Spring Arts Festival on Sat.-Sun., April 11-12, offers fun and inspiration for the whole family, including the work of fine artists from throughout the country; the Art Jungle where children can create art; an area where young people can sell their artwork; dancers and musicians performing on two stages; a variety of food concessions; and a Saturday evening concert.

Here’s the quote that Ms. Lehman wants us to use for her quote in the release. This quote is from a previous news release about the festival that’s posted on the festival website: “Santa Fe College has been the primary sponsor of the Spring Arts Festival since the festival began,” explained Cultural Affairs Coordinator Kathryn Lehman, who organizes the event. “Back in 1969, faculty and staff realized there was no fine arts festival in Florida north of Winter Park, so they created Spring Arts. That first year, anyone with a table and anything that could possibly be called art could sell their work.”

Over the years, the festival evolved into what is now an iconic community event—Lehman calls it “Gainesville’s Easter parade”—with artists from all over the country competing for entry and the chance to win a share of over $20,000 in prizes.

“Each year brings new artists, new discoveries and new inspirations,” Lehman explained. “Santa Fe Spring Arts is a chance for people to experience and be inspired by high-quality fine art pieces and by the artists who create them. Because the festival has a significant positive economic impact on the community, it demonstrates how the arts are an economic asset and an indicator of community vibrancy.”

In lab, you will do a coaching activity with your news release and then have time to make revisions. As you write the release as homework, you probably will have questions about content, organization or format. Bring those questions to lab to contribute to the discussion before you revise. If you missed lecture on March 26, check with a classmate. Everyone in lecture was typing or writing notes, and about 25 people recorded the interview. (See the photo.) Twitter peer review in Lab 12 Your Twitter account will be graded (out of 50 points) for Lab 13. Be sure to use the rubric as a check list for your Twitter account —  twitter_rubric_S15 To help you be ready, we’re doing a peer critique of Twitter accounts in Lab 12. Remember that your Twitter account must be appropriate to be part of your professional portfolio — not just the last 10 tweets but the account overall. To be prepared for the Lab 12 critique of your account:

  • Appropriate brief description of you.
  • Appropriate profile photo — replacing the egg.
  • Includes URL to your JOU3109 blog.
  • At least five tweets that you have written — not just retweets.
  • The readers of your tweets should have a sense of your interests, which should include some professional/school focus.
  • Best Twitter accounts include helpful/interesting links and photos you have taken.


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In-lecture interview on March 26 with Spring Arts Festival director provides basis for #JOU3109 Lab 12 news release


The Spring Arts Festival is our client for the Lab 12 news release. Please be in lecture on Thursday, March 26, to hear the interview with Kathryn Lehman, Cultural Programs Coordinator at Santa Fe College and director of the festival.

Read these two news releases about the festival before lecture to help you know more about the event and its activities. Have these two news releases available for reference during class so you can highlight information and fact check names and times. [We don’t want to use class time asking Ms. Lehman how to spell names of performers, for example, when we can get that information from the news releases.]

You may want to bring your laptop to class to use in taking notes. You also may audio record the interview with Ms. Lehman. [If you are going to place your phone on the table at the front of the auditorium, please have your business card or your name on a piece of paper with your phone. Please set your phone on airplane mode so we won’t have the sounds of unexpected incoming calls or messages.]

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Create your portfolio for internship possibilities & #JOU3109 extra-credit, due Lab 13

In the communications field, a key part of demonstrating your abilities and your potential is with examples of your work.

Audreyanna Loguerre's online portfolio

Audreyanna Loguerre’s online portfolio is a WordPress blog that includes links to stories she has written.

For an internship or job application, you’re often asked to submit a portfolio or “clips” (your published work).

In lecture on Tuesday, we’ll talk about what to include in a portfolio and how to package your work.

You have the opportunity to create a portfolio and participate in a mock job interview with your lab instructor during Lab 13 for a maximum of 20 points of extra credit. Before Tuesday’s lecture, please read the directions for this extra-credit assignment — portfolio_directions_S15

Chad Furst uses his LinkedIn profile to share work he has done.

Chad Furst uses his LinkedIn profile to share work he has done.

Here are five ways you may need to present your work:

  • A print portfolio (8 1/2″ x 11″) that you can leave with the person you interview with. This is typical when you attend a job fair or go for a face-to-face job interview.
  • A print portfolio that has your original work. Often these are large-sized zipped portfolios. You take such a portfolio to a face-to-face interview so you can show the actual work, such as a magazine layout, which can be larger than 8 1/2″ x 11″. But this is not a portfolio that you would leave with the potential employer.
  • A PDF that is one file of your work. You would scan print examples and download pages from the Web or do screen captures of your work on the Web. Compile all the pages into one PDF and compress the file before emailing.
  • A website that is an online portfolio. You can create a very effective online portfolio with WordPress.
  • A LinkedIn profile that includes links to your work.

We’ll talk about each of those strategies in Tuesday’s lecture.

I’ve included two examples of how you can create an online portfolio — seniors Chad Furst and Audreyanna Loguerre. Remember that the portfolio you have as a senior is not the portfolio you will have in #JOU3109, but you do need to be adding to your portfolio every semester.

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Social media resources shared in #JOU3109 lecture by guest speaker Jaclyn Rhoads

blog_jaclynCheck out this information that Jaclyn Sherman Rhoads has provided to add to her class presentation on effective use of social media.

Ms. Rhoads created the Grow Gators blog following the birth of her daughter, Lily, and has become a Mom blogger.

VIC5325: Digital Imagery in Web Design (Focus on PhotoShop) is part of the online Web Design and Online Communication program (

Course description: Students will learn how visual ‘language’ is the basis for developing contextual symbolic meanings that are shared throughout a culture. We will examine real-life examples and will demonstrate how you can take your degree and design experience and utilize it in journalism, advertising, marketing, or any other industry. Students will develop communicative images using their knowledge gained through lectures, discussions and Photoshop training. Students will also learn to about how design on the web works with an integrated marketing communications approach.

Here are two sample blogs from this class: – Created by Amy Angelo, who is a student in JOU3109 this semester. – Created by Vicki Grunewald, a graduate student who lives in Seattle.

MMC5006: Introduction to Multimedia Communication is part of the online Social Media program.
Course description: An introduction to the strategic use of multimedia communications tools. Students will examine the diverse channels available to communication professionals and demonstrate their effective use. Topics include social media/multimedia writing and management; use of media for integrated communication campaigns; integration of marketing, branding and public relations in multimedia communications; careers in multimedia communications; responsibilities of communications professionals; and the impact of media technologies.

Last week’s assignment was for the students to read “Social Media as a Public Relations Tool” (the same chapter we’re reading, hear a lecture from Ms. Rhoads, and then followea live trade show in Vegas to see how well social media channels were used. Here are three of the top posts from the graduate students in the course:

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Social media tips for businesses & personal branding from Jaclyn Rhoads in #JOU3109 lecture March 19

Jaclyn Rhoads LinkedInJaclyn Sherman Rhoads will be our guest in lecture on March 19 to talk about the role of a social media manager for an organization and offer advice on how you can use blogs, Twitter and other social media to develop your brand.

This is an opportunity for you to get advice for improving your own social media — both for improving your grade for the blog and Twitter assignments for JOU3109 and for helping you be more competitive in the job market.

Jaclyn Rhoads started her Grow Gators blog after the birth of her daughter, Lily.

Ms. Rhoads has used her social media skills in a range of jobs, including being marketing manager for Reunion Resort & Hammock Beach Resort and for the Florida Hospital Celebration and Director of Communications for the Florida Nursery, Growers, and Landscape Association.

“Social Media as a Public Relations Tool” is a special online chapter that discusses how social media is used in a business setting. The chapter includes Ms. Rhoads and her use of social media with the Florida Nursery, Growers, and Landscape Association. Please read the chapter before lecture to help you have a better understanding of Ms. Rhoads’ work. pr_social_media_chapter

You’ll be live tweeting about an event during Lab 11 as part of your grade. Ms. Rhoads will be offering advice about best practices for live tweeting.

Ms. Rhoads also is teaching in the College of Journalism and Communications’ Social Media and Web Design online graduate programs. She’ll explain how you can take courses in these graduate programs while you are an undergraduate.

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